Rick Jensen Receives Woodcarving Illustrated 2014 Woodcarver of the Year Award

Congratulations to Rick Jensen, WCI’s 2014 Woodcarver of the Year”

Rick Jensen, WCI 2014 Woodcarver of the Year

Rick Jensen, WCI 2014 Woodcarver of the Year

Rick, a Vietnam vet, husband, father and grandfather has been carving since he was seven years old. His carving accomplishments are monumental! Rick has won multiple Best of Show, People’s Choice, and Judge’s Choice Awards. He is an internationally respected woodcarver instructor. His carvings have been featured in Chicago and Branson art galleries. He has been a featured artist, instructor, presenter and judge at the most prestigious woodcarving venues in the North America.

Rick Jensen and Jack Williams produced An Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree Bark. Releasing Whimsical Houses & Woodspirits from Found Wood published by Fox Chapel Publishing Company. I find this book to be an invaluable tool when carving bark. Here are photos from my copy, which is where I found Rick’s picture, too.

Carving Tree Bark - Front Cover

Carving Tree Bark – Front Cover

Beyond all his carving accomplishments, Rick Jensen is the epitome of what woodcarving represents; not only is he an excellent carver and instructor, but also a kind, caring individual. I applaud Woodcarving Illustrated’s choice. They could not have chosen a finer woodcarver for their 2014 Woodcarver of the Year Award.

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Painting Tips

Please refer to all manufacturers’ label instructions for proper product usage.

A month ago, I had just about completed a small, intricate carving. I had put off carving the eyes because the wood that I had grabbed in an enthusiastic burst of carving excitement (and what wood you grab is a good topic for us to discuss one day), turned out to be soft in the eye area and I was not in the mood to play with it. And, yes, my tools were sharp. Continue reading

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Where did you read that fantastic tip?

Reading emails from readers, I found myself quietly singing the words to an old song, “Letters, we’ve got letters, we’ve got lots and lots of letters,” If you can remember what variety (that should give you a hint) show started with a female chorus singing those words, then I know how old you are, and you know my age, too.
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Insider Tips on Entering Carving Competitions

Carol Leavy, the woman in charge of setting up the exhibits for the International Woodcarving Congress, had a number of suggestions that we all would benefit from should we decide to submit a carving to any competition. Since I saw this as an opportunity for us to see the exhibit process from the “inside” I asked Carol to give us TIPS for future competitors. Here’s what she said.
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Easy On Your Feet

Talking about good-hearted carvers, last June I attended the International Congress and was taking a class from Marty Dolphens to learn how to carve a Native American Bust. It was a wonderful class. One of the best parts was that I was fortunate enough to find myself carving next to Paul Terpening who was also taking Marty’s class.
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Smooth Finishing/Sanding Technique Using Boiling Water

When the U.K. Magazine, Carving, published a feature article about me, one of the best things that came from the article was that I made friends, through email, from carvers living in the U.K.

On especially fine carver, Timothy Williams, sent me four photos of his carvings: a Squirrel, a Pirate, a Medieval English Court Jester, and the Flying Lady.
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John Dunkle Knives

Everyone has their favorite knife. I started with a $14 Flexcut. Somewhere along the line, I met John Dunkle at a carving show and purchased one of his bent knives mainly because I had never seen one before. When I tried it, I was sold. I’ve found it to be a comfortable knife for me, and have purchased quite a few of John’s bent knives over the years.
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Painting Cups

I have a love/hate relationship with painting/staining my carvings. Some carvings just “call” for color, while others insist on staying in a pure wood form. When I decide to paint or stain a carving, I dread the decision making process to come … what type of color, which color, how deep a tone, how many coats, and then the dreaded “clean up.”
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