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Whether you are here to just check out my carvings, or are interested in commissioning one, I’m glad you stopped by. Most of the carvings below are sold, but a few are available.  If you would like a personalized cottonwood bark wood spirit or wizard, a fairy house, a wizard or walking cane decorated with sigils and runes, or a wooden spoon (really, a kitchen wand) carved specifically for you or your family, don’t hesitate to email me and we can chat about.  To see more of my carvings, check me out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/susan.alexander.carves

I carve Wood Spirits using bark from the cottonwood tree. The tree must be dead for three or more years before the bark can be harvested. One inch of bark may have as many as 150 layers – each layer representing one year of the tree’s life. You can see the layers in the faces of my wood spirits.

Are you familiar with the history of wood spirits? Wood spirits abound in legends from earliest times, and have several names; Wood Spirit, Wild Man, Savage Man, and Green Man. He can be found in both the Europeans’ and American Indians’ traditions, each originating from those people who made long journeys through the forest.  

Wood Spirits have legendary strength; they can tear an opponent limb from limb, and can easily tame any wild animal, including ferocious dragons and unicorns. However, these spirits are always gentle with the maidens, children and all men and women of good heart.

Many tribal cultures had a tradition of taking a piece of wood to the village wood carver and asking the carver to use the magic in his knives and chisels to summon forth the image of the Wood Spirit who resided in the wood. The Wood Spirit was believed to cast away bad luck and evil beings while acting as a spirit guide and protector for the lifetime of its person or family.

A Wood Spirit may bring you good luck if you place him in an honored place in your home and occasionally tell him jokes (Wood Spirits have a great sense of humor). People often receive them as housewarming gifts.

Be kind, and your Wood Spirit will bring his gentle wisdom, humor, and luck into your home.

My fairy houses are carved from Cottonwood bark, wooden spoons (really kitchen wands) from basswood and wizard staffs and canes from wood harvested in Tennessee.

In every carving, I’ve hidden a small heart in honor of my husband who wholeheartedly supported my carving career. 

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.







Wood Spirit named “Valor”. Donation For our Veterans.


Wood Spirit, Asclepius, Greek God of Medicine – Living in a lovely home on Lake Michigan. $850




Wood Spirit – Outside my front door.

Hiking/Walking Staffs – Approximately 5′ – Middle staff’s stones are Amethyst

Gentle Wood Spirit – $800- Living in a sweet CT home of an excellent artist.

SusanAlexanderCarves.comWild Wind Wizard_Fotor


August – Not for Sale

SusanAlexanderCarves.com Old man with owl 1_Fotor

Wise Old Man and Owl – SOLD

SusanAlexanderCarves Still Hurtin

Still Hurtin’ – Not for Sale

SusanAlexanderCarves.com Michael

Michael – SOLD


Wood Spirit and Gnome Home – Not for Sale


Mid-Century Reclaimed Large Bowl SOLD


Mid-Century Reclaimed Large Bowl SOLD










Reclaimed and Carved Mid-Century Small Bowl – SOLD


TLC Bark House Fotor

Bark Animal House Carved for Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter Auction

A Bird in the Hand – SOLD


Fairy House $75

Miniature Faerie House – SOLD

Crooked Smile Woodspirit $75

Crooked Smile Wood Spirit SOLD

Winter Gnome Home with twig fence and bark bench $125

Faerie Home with Twig Fence and Bark Bench SOLD

Santa with Six Hand Carved Gifts $300

Modern Santa with Six               Hand-Carved Gifts